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Kill Fluid Additives

Additives to water based kill fluids have been developed to prevent emulsification of kill fluid with oil in porous environment. They bring the wells to pre-workover operation level with increase of production rate and dynamic level, inhibition of deposition process.

At present, the following additives have been developed and used in production:

  • FLEK-DG-002 -  this additive is characterized by its hydrophylic properties
  • FLEK-DG-004 - this additive is a bottom hole zone pore space water-repellent agent

The additives are easily dissolved in water with any salt content, have pour point of below minus 50ºС and are efficient in concentrations of up to 0,5 vol.%.

Kill Fluid Additives FLEK-DG have all the necessary documents:

  • Technical Specifications ТУ 2458-012-24084384-2004 with modifications 1
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate №П.000957.05.07 dated 21.05.2007
  • TEK CERT certificates of conformity
  • Certificates for application in oil production and transportation processes