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Range of demulsifiers includes 30 makes of "FLEK-D" series - based on Russian and imported active components and 6 "Kemelix" makes - based on Croda (ICI) active components.

The choice of demulsifier is based on selection of composition, which shows maximum efficiency for each specific oil treatment facility.

Conventionally, main demulsifiers manufactured by LLC FLEK may be classified based on their functional dependence on physical-chemical properties of treated environments into the following groups:

  • FLEK-D-001,-004,-006,-011,-012,-013,-014,-017,-028,-030 - for light and paraffin crude oils
  • FLEK-D-007,-010А,-010В,-018,-025,-027 - for medium crude oils
  • FLEK-D-010А,-010В,-016,-022,-023,-029 - for heavy asphaltene-resin crude oils
  • FLEK-D-015,-019 - for traps and pits

FLEK-D and Kemelix demulsifiers have all the necessary documents:

  • Technical Specifications ТУ 2483-004-24084384-00
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate №П.002188.11.06 dated 29.11.2006
  • TEK CERT certificates of conformity
  • Certificates for application in oil production and transportation processes