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Corrosion Inhibitors

The main markets for corrosion inhibitors are Perm region, Komi Republic, Western Siberia. Overall production is over 3000 tonnes a year.

Main makes of manufactured corrosion inhibitors:

  • FLEK-IK-200
  • VNPP-FLEK-IK-001

Selection of corrosion inhibitors includes the following stages:

  • Laboratory testing in model environments with selection of the necessary dosage.
  • Correction of inhibitor dosage in laboratory conditions in real environments.
  • Bench testing with electrochemical method in oilfield conditions
  • Evaluation of the inhibitor influence on the process of inhibition of bacterial microflora and field oil treatment.
  • Engineering support of pilot tests
  • Monitoring of the inhibitor action efficiency with the use of equipment for gravimetric an electrochemical control of corrosion rate

Corrosion inhibitors have all the necessary documents:

  1. Technical Specifications ТУ 2483-015-24084384-2005 with modifications 1 (FLEK-IK-200) and ТУ 2499-00847518521-03  with modifications 1 (VNPP-FLEK-IP-001)
  2. Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate №П.002411.12.06 dated 20.12.2006
  3. TEK CERT certificates of conformity
  4. Certificates for application in oil production and transportation processes