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Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors have been developed to prevent carbonate and sulfate deposition.

Makes of sacle inhibitors based on Russian raw materials

  • FLEK-ISO-4 - to prevent carbonate deposition;
  • FLEK-ISO-5 - to prevent carbonate and sulfate deposition.

Selection of scale inhibitors includes the following stages:

  • Physical-chemical analysis of field fluids and deposits to determine the composition and amount of scale;
  • Predictive estimation of the possibility of scale deposition in changed process parameters with a help of Scale Calc software;
  • Laboratory testing of scale inhibitor in real environments with selection of the necessary dosage;
  • Development of scale inhibitor injection process procedures;
  • Engineering support of pilot tests;
  • Scale inhibitor action efficiency monitoring.

Scale inhibitors FLEK-ISO have all the necessary documents:

  1. Technical Specifications ТУ 2458-014-24084384-2004;
  2. Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate №П.000956.05.07 dated 21.05.2007;
  3. TEK CERT certificates of conformity;
  4. Certificates for application in oil production and transportation processes.