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Scale Solvents

Inorganic deposit solvent has been developed to enhance oil recovery of carbonate reservoirs, remove carbonate deposits from heat energy equipment.

At present, the company manufactures inorganic deposit solvent KARFAS.

Solvent selection procedure for individual conditions of use:

  1. Chemical analysis to determine scale composition and amount
  2. Laboratory test to select the volume of solvent to remove deposits considering oilfield and heat energy equipment operating parameters
  3. Development of process procedures for the use of KARFAS solvent
  4. Engineering support of pilot tests

Inorganic deposit solvents KARFAS have all the necessary documents:

  • Technical Specifications ТУ 38.0003-99
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate №02.БЦ.01.245.П.007776.08.07 dated 27.08.2007
  • TEK CERT certificates of conformity
  • Certificates for application in oil production and transportation processes