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Chemical Services

LLC FLEK provides the following services:

  • Removal of asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits from the surface of oilfield equipment with hydrocarbon solvents, hot oil and hot water
  • Bactericide treatment of oilfields
  • Installation and maintenance of water heaters, chemical dosing units, downhole chemical dosers
  • Installation of monitoring systems and monitoring of pipeline corrosion (using Rohrback Cosasco equipment)
  • Viscous emulsion control in pipelines during oil gathering and transportation
  • Bottom hole zone flushing to stimulate oil production
  • Well killing with specially selected kill fluids to bring the wells to their pre-workover production rates
  • Integrated acid treatment of bottom hole zone
  • Destruction and disposal of interlayers and oil sludge

LLC FLEK has all the necessary licenses:

  1. Operation of explosive production facilities 36--000920 dated 22 September 2004
  2. Operation of oil-and-gas production facilities 36--000945 dated 29 September 2004
  3. Operation of chemically hazardous production facilities 36--000921 dated 22 September 2004
  4. Handling operations on railway transport - Series 01121 dated 20 July 2003
  5. Cargo trucking within Russian Federation 59-412745 dated 14 March 2003