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Research and Development

LLC FLEK carries out scientific research and offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Selection, testing and development of demulsifying compositions using Bottle Test method
  • Determination of oilfield equipment corrosion inhibitors efficiency using various gravimetrical and electrochemical methods
  • Selection of asphaltene-resin-paraffin solvents
  • Selection of asphaltene-resin-paraffin inhibitors with simulation of real oilfield conditions
  • Selection of scale inhibitors
  • Selection of scale and organic mineral deposit removers
  • Development and selection of chemicals with depressor properties for crude oil and oil containing fluids
  • Determination of rheological characteristics of pumped fluids
  • Testing of chemicals for hydrate suppression
  • Removal of hydrocarbon group composition of oil and asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits using column chromatography method
  • Determination of H2S concentration in oil and selection of H2S neutralizers in hydrocarbon environments

Research activities include the following stages:

  1. Studying of the world experience of using different chemicals and technologies
  2. Laboratory and bench screening
  3. Studying of field operation conditions and specific facilities where it is planned to apply chemicals and technologies
  4. Selection of optimal method and conditions of its implementation
  5. Finding out possible negative effects of the recommended process
  6. Development of technical docunemtation and its approval by customer
  7. Pilot tests and analysis the their results
  8. Engineering support of process at the stage of technical application